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Our story Canisius

It all started in 1903, when the fruit trader Jean Canisius from Schinnen, The Netherlands got the idea to produce fruit spreads on a large scale. For over 116 years, his name equals absolute quality and tradition in fruit spreads.

The consumer’s choice – For over 116 years

Spreads should be delicious and Canisius knows like no other how to produce the most sumptuous spreads. 7 kilos of locally grown apples are processed to create 1 kilo of traditional apple spread. Canisius spreads don’t contain any additives for color, flavor or preservatives and no added crystalline sugar. The spreads are allergen-free. Canisius spreads are becoming more and more popular because of the high nutritional value of the spreads. Furthermore, Canisius spreads are not only delicious on bread, toast or pancakes, but are also great cooking or baking ingredients to add more flavor to meals or meat marinades.

More than 116 years of pure quality

Quality is synonymous to Canisius. Original traditional recipes have been recreated and refined for high-quality and advanced industrial production processes. The industrial processing guarantees a consistent quality. The end products are also processed in the Canisius factory in a great variety of packages and directly re-distributed from here. This process guarantees the freshest delivery of your product! Our strict quality control ensures that you will only receive the best.

Business-minded for over 116 years

We produce spreads that our consumers demand. Our extensive assortment makes this evident – from Rinse Apple Spread to Pear/Apple Spreads to organic spreads and other varieties with a high amount of fruit content. We offer many packaging possibilities, from cup to glass in portions or bulk containers. The flexibility to answer to any customer demand is the underlying power of Canisius.

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A reliable partner for over 116 years

116 years of being in business successfully is our proof of craftsmanship, close involvement with our clients, financial stability and our ability to keep innovating. By focusing on the current market demands and trends, Canisius can operate successfully by continuing to build on its historic foundations. We focus on building durable relationships with our customers, who have been able to rely on the timely delivery and quality products for over 116 years.


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Behind the scenes

Interested in taking a look behind the scenes at the Canisius Factory? Book your tour now! Tours have been temporarily halted due to the Corona crisis. Also take the chance to visit our spread shop.

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