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Did you know:

Het woord ‘Rinse’ oud-Hollands is voor zoet/zuur? Appelstroop bestaat namelijk uit ingedikt sap van appels (zuur, fris) en ingedikt sap van suikerbieten (zoet). In tegenstelling tot wat veel mensen denken is Rinse Appelstroop dus niet afkomstig uit het Drentse dorpje Rins.

Apple and Beet

Did you know:

100 gram Rinse Apple spread contains 70% of the daily-recommended amount of iron. Healthy for everybody! The power of good food is the basis of a healthy body. Besides the satisfaction and enjoyment, it gives us energy!

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Deliciously versatile:

If you enjoy great food, you will love the delicious Canisius spreads. Bring enjoyment and flavor to the table with Canisius spreads. To each their own flavor. Try them all!

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About Canisius:

Canisius spreads are pure fruit in a can, jar or cup. Canisius spreads don’t contain any additives for color, flavor or preservatives and no added crystalline sugar. The spreads are free from allergens.

Mmmmmm…. delicious and full of fruits!
1 Kilo of pure apple spread contains about 7 kilos of apples, mostly originating from local growers in the region. That is a lot of fruit and enjoyment combined in one jar.

A flavor for everyone
Tastes differ, but with the large variety of different flavors there is a Canisius spread for everybody. Why not try them all? Read more >

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